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Do Negative Emotions Actually Affect Our Physical Health?

Do Negative Emotions Actually Affect Our Physical Health?

Have you ever felt that nothing is going your way and that all you do ends up being failures? I do not think that there is any one in this world who can truthfully answer “no” unless he or she has attained some extraordinary spiritual level. Being humans, it is only natural for us to feel depressed when we fail, especially if we fail more than once in row but, we would eventually bounce back; some people a lot faster than the others.
Did you know that dwelling on your problems or harboring negative feelings all the time can actually harm your physical health? Oh, well, I did not think so. We would think that the issues in the mind will only result in mental health deterioration but, in realty, it has been found out by researchers that the way our minds work can have an effect on the health of the body.

We all know that the brain sends signals to the body to perform the tasks it is supposed to. So when we have negative thoughts the brain tends to think that something is wrong and it sends out signals to the body to prepare for that and the body may release hormones such as adrenaline or it may change the frequency levels to better cope with the way your mind is functioning. The fact that there are different frequencies associated with different illnesses has been documented. If you are not a believer of the existence of frequencies you should try wearing a tesla pendants and observe how good frequencies can help eliminate many health issues.It does not need a scientist to identify that the way our body functions with the way we are feeling. For example, when we are anxious or scared, we feel the blood pressure rising, excessive sweating, etc.

So, imagine this happening over a considerable length of time. It would not be a surprise if you got a heart attack soon.Sometimes the effect may not be so apparent; you would just think that you are tired. However, if you take time to look into the matter you will realize that you are fatigued almost all the time for no reason. This is because your mind is filled with negative thoughts and emotions and when one is feeling down the signal the body gets is to lay low until the matter is resolved. It is kind of like retreating in the battle field. If you cannot fight you have to withdraw. If this behavior is not treated properly you may even end up committing suicide. However, something as simple as energy healing pendants can save your life as they would block negative frequencies and will assist in healing your mind much faster than you can do on your own.

Things like counseling, meditation, etc. can also help you to control your emotions. However, you should keep in mind that blocking an emotion is not the same as learning to control them. If you know how to control, the way you look at the issue and the way you react will be different but if you block the emotion, you will simply be sending it to the back of your mind where it will still be working.
Therefore, if you have not already done so, take measures to help you to deal with negative emotions before they go far enough to harm the body as well.tesla-pendants