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Personal Growth Does Not Stop With Age
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Personal Growth Does Not Stop With Age

People think that personal growth is something that young teens, adolescence and people beginning their career should think about. But, in reality, it is more than that. Personal growth does not end with a certain age. It is a continuum that should be measured continuously. There are researched who had researched on the significance of personal growth and development in old age because it would affect the person’s life satisfaction. 

Myth about personal development in old age

Most people believe that personal development activities are unnecessary in old age because there is no need for the people to develop their identity or other aspects of themselves. This is predominantly because of the fact that they are believed to have attained the full potential in the course of their life.

Concept of healthy ageing

Aging comes with a lot of shortcomings; however, it does not mean you need to forget your personal development. You need to understand the concept of healthy ageing as an important part of personal development in the modern world and is one of the global sustainable goals.

Why should we be concerned about our old age population?

You might be wondering that why we should be concerned about the old age population when young children are dying of hunger and without shelter. You need to understand that just by the virtue of being born as humans we have some rights to live and get your basic needs. This does not propose that they need to live in Tauranga retirement homes but everyone should be given their basic rights. Moreover, the old age population in the world is increasing drastically and we need to address their needs.

Arenas of personal development

There are different areas of personal development even in old age. If you are living in a retirement home Tauranga, then you are more likely to be more social. There might be people who are not great with getting along with others and since they were engaged in works which are more appropriate for the introverts then they would not have a chance to develop this skill. Learning should not stop in old age. Therefore, you should make it a point to develop your personality and striding to be a better being.

In addition to the above mentioned, old age is the perfect time to mentor someone else as well as make sure your legacy goes on. You can also make use of the time to learn about the internet and start some blog or even write a book. However, it depends on your personal preference too. But, to really attain the full potential, you need to understand that you need to go outside your comfort zone.