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The Role Of General Practitioner (gp) In Medical Centre
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The Role Of General Practitioner (gp) In Medical Centre

Every living or non-living thing gets sick or damaged and needs to be treated. For instance when a car gets broken it is taken to mechanic shop and when refrigerator stop working it is taken to electronic shop. Similarly, when a person falls sick, he is taken to medical centre. Medical centre is the place where people get treated or cured. Every human medical condition is treated in medical centre varying from child birth to uncertain deaths. People with varying degrees holds different places in medical centre, there are general practitioners (gp), specialists, surgeons, dentists, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss about the role that general practitioners (gp) plays in running the medical centre. 

Medical centre:

Before discussing about general practitioner, let us comprehend the concept of medical centre. Medical centre is a health care organization in which healthcare, staff, services, doctors, surgeons, specialists, general practitioners and ancillary services are provided. Medical centre is almost similar institute as hospital but the only difference that lies between them is that hospitals provides lesser services as compared to medical centre.

General practitioner:

General practitioner is a medical doctor who treats chronic illnesses and acute diseases. He informs patients about their respective diseases or sicknesses then they refer them to the particular physician or specialist. General practitioners are not specialized in and6 particular organ which is why they cannot operate a patient. However, as they have knowledge about every medical illness, disease or sickness which is why they can acknowledge patient about his particular disease and can give him the medication that is required. They are trained in such a way that they can treat any disease of any age of any sex, no matter how complicated it might seems like.

Gp’s role in urban areas:

The role played by general practitioner (Cranbrook GP) in medical centre is quite big and varies according the location where the medical centre is. In urban areas the role of general practitioner is somewhat limited to chronic health problems and to the treatment of non-life threatening diseases. Moreover, general practitioner in urban areas deals with preventive care, health education and referring patients to specialist.  Their role is limited in urban areas because of the availability of even more qualified doctors who have specialized in their particular field.

Gp’s role in rural areas;

However, the role of general practitioners in rural areas is somewhat more directly related to patient’s operation as there are lesser facilities of specialist doctors. General practitioners in rural areas deal with hospital emergency care, delivering of babies, etc.


Medical centre is a health organization where in addition to health services, health information is also provided. Medical centre is an institute where every medicine related person is available varying from staff to doctors, from specialists to general practitioners, etc. General practitioners are the medical doctor that deals with acute diseases and chronic illnesses. He is more valued rural areas than urban areas. Best and professional general practitioners are present in “East Brooke medical centre”.