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Tips To Relieve Shoulder Pain
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Tips To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Pain is in fact very annoying. Pain in any part of the body can hamper the normal procedure of the body. It becomes tough to do everyday things as the range of motion of the body lessens. So basically, our lifestyle is hampered by pain.

Shoulder pain is one of such annoying things. Lifting heavy thing or carrying bags even become tough with pain in the shoulders. But as we cannot stop and need to carry on with the regular routine it is necessary to treat shoulder pain. And a good pain clinic Benowa can help you treat shoulder pain faster. There is more than one way to treat it. In this article, we are going to discuss about an effective method.

Apply heat or ice:

Heat or ice application works wonders on shoulder pain. Applying ice or heat for 15 minutes only can cause some relief. But it is necessary to know the type of pain before doing it. If the condition is frozen, ice won’t work. Then, heat application can help relieve pain. Even, hot laser therapy also creates a sensation of warmth where it is applied. But if you had pain in shoulder and still did the exercises, ice is your treatment. It will relieve the condition and bring back the range of motion.

Give some rest:

Once we get shoulder pain, it becomes tough to do some kinds of things. But due to the pressure in life we carry on with these with the pain. We take painkillers and again get to our work. But we don’t give enough time to the injured part to get healed. Doing hard works with the pain still on can worsen the situation. It is better to stop lifting heavy things or doing something that can put much pressure on the shoulders. This will give the shoulders some time to recover.


Exercises are the ultimate enemy of shoulder pain. When accompanied by proper treatment it can give relief. In fact, it is a form of therapy in itself. Three types of exercises can be done- rotator cuff strengthening exercises, range of motion exercises and upper extremity strengthening exercises. Stand straight and lean over a table dangling your arm. Make small or large circles with the dangling arms depending on your capacity. Pull a rubber tube to strengthen the rotator cuff. One can choose aerobic exercises. This helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. These also help in reducing inflammation. So, it can reduce the pain.